Forensic and Expert Witness E-mag Distribution information:

Very important our distribution databases are manually created.

All the data such as email addresses are found manually, one by one. Some companies and magazines use software, which tries to find data from websites automatically, but brings back huge amounts of irrelevant emails such as personal or government emails, which will be very detrimental to their publications and we will not tolerate this. Every record is checked by our supplier's staff who do nothing else but find this data.

Our free E-mag distribution software will send personalised emails.
Each email is individualised by data in the databases so that the email appears as though we wrote the email personally and then sent it individually. We like to have, for example: For the attention of [company name] in the subject which the software will convert to for instance: For the attention of A-z Solicitors. To summarise: our email gets opened and you get potential business.
Our databases are updated regularly, and we get updates on a constant basis.

We update our databases constantly and when updates are ready, the software we use will pull down the updated data into our database automatically. No other E-mag in the industry offers this and it costs you our customers and members nothing extra.

The Federation is investing in the E-Mag and look forward to raising awareness of the Expert witnesses in the UK and promoting INSTRUCTION DIRECT to the Forensic and Expert witness community.